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Vitamin B Complex & Mouth Sores

The role of the B complex vitamins in processes like the metabolism of cell structures is very important. These substances, are dissoluble in water and are eliminated through urine whenever they are found to be in excess, so the body needs to consume it regularly. The deficit of B vitamins can result in canker sores and also irritations of the skin, sometimes involving the area surrounding the mouth. Canker sores, as they are often called, are caused by a large number of reasons, however, the regular intake of B vitamins may help in the prevention and healing of certain oral ulcers.


Canker sores, or mouth sores, are ulcers that are usually small and painful which occur on the inside tissue of the mouth. Their borders are often red and inflamed, and the most affected areas are the tongue, cheeks and lips. These lesions aren’t contagious, which makes them different from another type of ulcers named “cold sores”, which is caused by the virus herpes simplex. Canker sores make up around 80% of ulcers found in the mouth, compared to fewer than 10% that are caused by cold sores. The most common reason for canker sores are injuries from accidentally biting your tongue, cheek or lip, aggressively brushing your teeth, a weak immune system, stress, changes in hormone levels and a low intake of vitamins. Normally these lesions become fully healed within seven to fourteen days, but can take longer if there’s a vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin B-12 Insufficiency

It is often found that patients who are especially prone to mouth sores, tend to have a low levels of the B-12 vitamin, which is also known as cobalamin. Research in 2009 discovered that a dose of 1,000 micrograms of B-12 vitamin every night can help prevent recurring mouth sores. Both women and men above the age of 50 have a higher tendency of a vitamin B-12 insufficiency, due to the fact that the acid production in the stomach starts to falter and thus nutrients aren’t absorbed as easily.

Deficiency In Vitamin B-2

VITAMIN B COMPLEX & MOUTH SORESThis vitamin, also called riboflavin is of the utmost importance for normal development, repair and growth of all tissues in the body, which includes the skin, nervous and immune systems. In babies less than six months old, the daily intake should be around 0.3 mg, and lactating women should have 1.6 mg Some of the symptoms of ariboflavinosis, which is the name for a lack of vitamin B-2, are lesions in the skin, particularly around the mouth and its corners, as well as the tongue becoming red and sore. Although ariboflavinosis doesn’t cause canker sores, the lips tend to crack and fissure, causing pain.

Vitamin B-7 Insufficiency

Fatty acid production, cell growth and amino acid metabolism depend on biotin, or vitamin B-7. The daily dose goes from 5 micrograms for infants that are less than six months old, up to 35 micrograms for women that are lactating. Although a low level of this vitamin isn’t very common, it can have negative effects on the skin, fingernails and hair, particularly rashes in the area surrounding the mouth. They tend to make the skin flaky, but have a tendency to turn inflamed and create sores if left untreated.

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